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The Scoop

Dolly + Jen met in 2010 when they became roommates at a quirky little spot in McHenry.  They hit it off immediately and over the course of their time living together, they would take plants into their home and rehab them for friends.

Fast forward to February 2020 over a pizza and lots of wine, Jen asked Dolly if she'd be interested in starting business with her.  Dolly is always down for a new side hustle, and so Jen proceeded to discuss her idea of a plant shop.

In May of 2020, Verdant Sol was born in the thick of a global pandemic.  But was there a better business to be in?  The entire world took on a new hobby and they were there for it.

After a few months of doing market-style pop-up sales, teamed up with other local businesses, the girls we're ready to entertain the idea of a brick-and-mortar.

They found a tiny little storefront nestled in between two other shops and made it their home.  A few months later, and wonderful success, they brought on a shopkeeper.  Greta helped transform and grow the tiny shop, and they realized quickly they needed a bigger space!

In August of 2021, Verdant Sol moved across the street into a storefront 3x larger than the first and expanded into a full-blown gift shop (as well as their bread-and-butter, houseplants).

Each day they are hunting for new, fresh items to stock their store with, and recently incorporating a vintage pieces to their inventory.

Want to know more?  Stop in and see us!


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